Surely it all started the day that Rafel (our father) decided that he wanted to dedicate himself to the world of art through jewelry [according to him, micro-sculptures]. With his own and very personal style, he always incorporated the nut as an indisputable element in all his works, reasoning that the unique shape of the shell and the fruit suggested and stimulated creativity. One day, he gave the three brothers a silver nut: 3 children, 3 parts (shell / wallnut / shell), and accompanying the work a phrase: «Whatever happens, whether or not it is, I want you to always stick together and remember how lucky you are to have everyone»He told us. The walnut is his amulet, and since then, ours. When father and sons decided to start a creative jewelry project #heartmade (and #handmade) in Barcelona, ​​it was clear to us:
We like walnuts..